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鸾凤错凰后袖手天下|糖仁福Hit now, cao cao to break the luoyang is no longer what hopes, but he needed a victory to exciting, however, especially in important regalia, cao cao need a victory to deter the warlord, consolidate their political status, and morale, tell everybody, lyu3 bu4 is not invincible, at any cost!< / p > < p > cold hum a, liu zhang will still open the letter, while walking to see, the brow is gradually wrinkled up."All this time, how do you call me not urgent?" Wei yan on striking table, pang tong to got a fright, angry stare pang said: "general seibel in tiger fastened GuanLi enemy jun three hundred thousand, colorful, pound in the que commissioner of big guan yu, even cruising in hebei zhaoyun, d two times to war with jun, only us, tell us, from luoyang war to the present, has been more than three months, in addition to the hanzhong city battle, we almost are confronting with the shu army?"

"What the hell is this? Pound stared at the unresponsive beast under the cover of the arrow, frowning."Om ~""All right." Cao cao nodded his head but did not refuse. He looked at liu bei and said, "that xuande gong... "鸾凤错凰后袖手天下|Dense fog, has begun to dissipate, huyang, after the trick of opening the gate of huyang, zhou yu quickly and easily defeated the defenders of huyang, but when learned that the city's grain and grass were all locked up in the cellar, zhou yu instantly felt the world full of malicious.

鸾凤错凰后袖手天下|"The world is very big, talented people." Zhou yu shook his head and put on a white cloak. He looked at the fog-shrouded river. The soldiers in white were tying the boats together with ropes to avoid getting lost.Horse all smell speech at lyu3 bu4 with a wry smile, are lyu3 bu4 oneself want to, but will the lavatory buckle on his own head, and he also can't refute, horses are actually oneself also think lyu3 bu4 some fuss, lyu3 bu4 under military industry, now even private science and technology level, should be thrown leud a piece, it is necessary to care about other people?

"So say, article long feel that zhang ren how?" Pang tong did not answer directly, but asked rhetorically: "or, even if the war started, how certain is wen chang to defeat zhang ren?""Liu bei? When sun yi heard this, he could not help but think of huang zhong again. The old soldier's martial arts still made people tremble even if he thought about it at the moment."Or... "Xia houyuan looked at cao cao and hesitated for a moment.鸾凤错凰后袖手天下|





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