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普宁渔霸咸鱼制造厂|金易健润肠通便胶囊"Master, this person named Yang Qiu, is Korea hence under the maestro." Xu rong came forward, bow to lyu3 bu4 way.Giffin don't understand, after all, Ten years of time, in the prosperous central plains step by step bumpy come over, in fact, there is such a change, is not strange, but giffin did not immediately state, he is very clear, even if lyu3 bu4 now have the image of the master, but he has an enemy, the world family, it is because of the existence of the enemy, giffin is always reluctant to officially official."Meng Qi, make Ming." Looking at them, Marten said with a smile, "This time the Han court came to make envoys, and asked me to join forces with your uncle Wen Yue to beg for the thief Lv Bu, for the father has promised them, to take Meng Qi as the main general, to make the Ming vice, led the troops twenty thousand, to cooperate with the imperial army, to beg for Lv Bu."

With the death of ShouJiang and QinWei, the war is coming to an end, although the resistance continues, lyu3 bu4 but did not pay attention to, greeted the week warehouse, with a team of people went straight to the direction of the county government."What shall we do then?" Jun hou smell speech, can not help but face big change, anxious way.Mournful screaming call to half abruptly, soon, zhou cang came in with a head, to lyu3 bu4 way: "master, kill."普宁渔霸咸鱼制造厂|"Kill!" D roared, with the remaining cavalry behind him head on, two cavalry like two torrents in the chi road is not spacious collided together, in the rain, a blooming blood everywhere.

普宁渔霸咸鱼制造厂|"I just won 't go now, doesn't mean he won't go, First put our belongings in hand again, Korea hence want to take us when the gun is not so easy, if he can't wait, can attack himself first, anyway, as long as we help him win lyu3 bu4, the west cool half of the place is ours, even if Korea hence want to change his mind, I'm afraid also don't have the skill! " Liu Baoleng hum 1: "You look at the other four, which will be anxious to meet with Korea hence? First let Korea hence to spell, his hay, but not enough for him to continue to drag down."Two people dressed neatly, wenji changed into a suit of han dynasty, followed by lyu3 bu4 out of the camp.

"Master rest assured, at the end of the general division complete the whole back." Xiongkuo sea loudly led the way.Two thousand achievement point into the account, lyu3 bu4 smiled, looked at other humanitarianism: "add, from now on, recommend yourself can, but must accept the challenges of others, anyone can, if lost, go back to be your soldiers."But rather than promoting education, What is more difficult is to raise the status of the craftsman, agriculture, industry and commerce, Social sequencing has been used in this era and throughout thousands of years of Chinese history, want to improve the status of craftsmen, first have to come up with some recognized achievements, otherwise, even if lyu3 bu4 unilaterally want to improve the status of craftsmen is useless, don't say that readers don't buy it, I'm afraid it is the craftsmen themselves, will produce resistance.普宁渔霸咸鱼制造厂|




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