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中外军事船都网即墨加工"Brotherhood? Lyu3 bu4 hold the Addis, turn step down from his horse, gentle let Addis on immediately, on his knees, respectfully towards liu bei ke is a head, hoarse voice way: "the gentleman, was born in between heaven and earth, should by making and honoring promises that had promised xuande public cloud, we assure you xuande need, no matter where, the cloud will be thousands of miles to throw!"Lyu3 bu4 really bad?Ancient hypnotism? Or is the legendary door dun armour?

"Gao gan this son, but some means, before we are look down upon him." When zhang liao heard this, his eyes flashed with excitement, but he was also somewhat solemn. He thought it was a battle with a favorable wind. But who knew that when lu bu and zhang liao joined forces with nearly 15,000 troops, they encountered strong resistance from high officials.'wait! Li dian shook his head and said cautiously.And lv bu side, is not in a hurry to send troops, not he does not want to, but at the moment if the troops, there is no chance of victory, there are so many people around, he wants to promote his policy smoothly, hand must have a large number of troops to deter families, otherwise those families can not obediently let you knead.中外军事船都网"The words fell, but see lu lingqi wearing a xiuluo mask, wearing a suit of jingzhou armor, a silver gun from the rear side to kill huang zu.

中外军事船都网Seems to be the final winner of cao cao, also not the winner, is to help him get a water will lyu3 bu4 DongZhengJun demise, similarly, the whole get water basin, way ten counties, the waters a put, lyu3 bu4 withdrawal, afterward matter falls on his head, lyu3 bu4 can relax to hebei north to farmland, expand the territory, the pace of cao cao, however, is the flood in the JiNa, this battle, there are no winners, but really lose is hebei family.Others do not know jiang xu this moment in the mind of all the thoughts, many people envy jiang xu one step to the sky, no one doubt, as long as jiang xu will be integrated state governance, the temporary generation before the integration of two words is only a matter of time."The younger brother fought hard today and was wounded again. Go and rest early." Liu bei looked at guan yu and smiled.

If there is a person with clear vision to observe and think seriously, it is not difficult to find that, with the rise of lv bu in kanto and continuous growth, some inherent unbreakable concept of hierarchy in a little loose, but to really achieve these things, at least at present is not the time.Country to be sure, lyu3 bu4 plan never so simple, these are just the first step, family class can't really disappear, otherwise, lyu3 bu4 under those people could not agree, this is he can't avoid it, so lyu3 bu4 project, must be how to eliminate the solution to this problem, just what is method, even the country, also can't guess."Be." Zhou cang one arch hand, left ci way: "road long, please."中外军事船都网




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