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樱井莉亚作品番号收录|活睾通腺胶囊"After this war, the jingzhou army will not dare to invade within a year." Pang tong looked at ma chao away direction, faint road."Lord! Rwanda's big HeSheng heard lyu3 bu4, then see all Montenegro thief a trip, soldiers, lyu3 bu4 led more than two hundred a title of generals in ancient times who like a knife sharp knife to cut into the bean curd, generally less than a wick sweet, then kill broke the uneven came to the hill, Rwanda, behind the remaining tube hai heart already and turns the spirit back to dust but at the moment, but exciting sense, each one to the stand of the breast.These jingzhou forces, have been collapsed, this place is not suitable for large-scale cavalry, d want to breath will kill all these jingzhou forces, but the terrain, cavalry could not spread, can only helplessly looking at a large number of soldiers fled, is only in the array is a little bit of harvest the jingzhou soldiers life behind.

"When will that be?" Feng li cold hummed, looked around, shook his head: "that lv bu is not immortal, I wait all the way fast, he even if want to ambush, it is impossible to arrange the ambush so quickly, the messenger soldiers, speed up, over the mountain, we will rest.Infighting over the next few days, from the beginning of morale is high, up to now, tube hai all don't know if I can block to Montenegro thief's next attack, zhang yan has sent someone to come and have several times, many people are shaken, from the beginning of tens of thousands of troops to now, only more than one thousand people, these people, pour half surrendered directly, as the yellow turban insurrectionary, vulnerable!Yang fu looked at the door, turned his head to see zhao yun way: "but for today's matter bother worry?"樱井莉亚作品番号收录|Watching the day painting ji open abdomen, all the way up, no stay, until his horse's head open, the line of sight, suddenly appeared a piece of red blood, hammer with inertia or hit bottom go to, have no the lyu3 bu4, line of sight, thinking back to normal state, xu chu pole-axed (sitting on a horse, horse has no sound, maintaining a state of Mercedes after several steps forward, abrupt, in around jun screams of terror, mounted on horses along with xu chu whole body split from the middle, into four pieces, sprinkle blood mixed with internal explosion.

樱井莉亚作品番号收录|Is cao cao not angry? It is impossible for a man not to be angry if he is said to be a eunuch who manipulates power. However, cao cao clearly knows that if his flattery is to paralyze lu bu, then lu bu's words are to anger himself. Once a person is angry, he will lose his cool when doing things, so cao cao cannot be angry.Xiongkuo sea see zhang fei, naturally unwilling to be outdone: "the original is your capon, the ability is not long, mouth is much worse than before, quickly come over, grandpa teach you to be a man!"Glug, swallow water, turned to the side of the pang tong accidental, allow yourself to be blocked by Chen gong, as far as possible this Beowulf mind certainly didn't want to good, pang tong's watch out, this lyu3 bu4 as if with a dual personality, hold on the battlefield fought and sometimes even his emotions can be lyu3 bu4 to drive, but off the battlefield, but sober frightening, play up the people, than Addis the evil woman with terror.

Although the words said modest, but no matter lu bu or zhang liao, do not think in the gao gan, guo yuan yuan died in the main force of the merger of zhou did not, no danger can be defended under the circumstances, there is ability to block the footsteps of gao shun."Kacha ~""General, something's wrong! The broad sea side, a small general frowning to look at the gate, hurriedly pulled the broad sea.樱井莉亚作品番号收录|




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