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会费收入|一席之地女鞋"Who hijacked the camp?" Burn when Lao Wang Shengsheng hit a thrill, a drunken thoroughly awake, a hold a QinWei, anger drink a question."Master can first open a college in changan, similar to JingXiang deer gate or YingChuan academy." Marotta said, Can master children and the children of the general children and meritorious officers and men, so that the loyalty of students to master can be guaranteed, and only a college, also convenient management and monitoring, when the time is ripe, can be extended to counties, if all goes well, after ten years, perhaps as master said, to the countryside. "Looked at more and more huns rushed this way, lyu3 bu4 sneer at 1, directly with military forces back dozens of zhang, continue to give up the horses of the huns arrow.

Changan, the former zhao temple is now lyu3 bu4 deal with political affairs, at the moment, zhao temple, Chen Gong, giffin, marotta, zhang liao, seibel, wei, xu sheng, chen xing, tube hai, in addition to wu guan defense hanzhong blanc failed to show up, lyu3 bu4 account civil-military almost all gathered here."It's all right now, but you can't go down and walk for at least a month. If the wound breaks open again, it'll be hard for the immortals to save." Hua Tuo said with a smile."Go back and settle accounts with you!" Korea hence gave Li Kan a hard look, stood up and was about to discuss with burn when the old king of soldiers, outside the account then sounded a thunderous roar and shrill scream, account all at the same time discolored.会费收入|"Han army?" Scouts in the heart a fiercely, there is the han army appeared here, before the scouts unexpectedly didn't find, were killed?

会费收入|"Just lyu3 bu4 valiant, after the defeat of xuzhou, rate five hundred remnants fled, into the thousands of miles, not only not destroyed, but more and more potential, now rate of millions of the strong into the Beijing sign, the invasion, victory is good, but if lost..." Han Sui shook his head with a wry smile, He is greedy for the million people, but jincheng away from Beijing Zhao too far, also mixed with other forces, and if really beat lyu3 bu4, cao cao may not let him take away the million people."Oh?" Seibel smell speech eyes a bright, before I felt that the scribe in the crowd, don't want to have such a head, at the moment, is to see zhong yao surrounded by a few soldiers, unexpectedly has almost reached the other side, seibel and wei yan face can not help but change, seibel harsh voice: "quickly solve the battle!"A sharp arrow to break the empty, since both cheeks flashed past, hum a nail behind both zhang on the tower, the arrow buzzing straight sound.

"Your excellency, you go first, and I will break it!" Seeing the army surging behind, troops began to chaos, zhong yao although fierce, but after all is not a general, marching is not in line, with He Man with the ambush, troops immediately appeared chaos, accompanied by the general immediately let zhong yao with the army to withdraw, his stay after the break."In front, at the end of the general will lead the way!" With a flattering smile on his face, Li Kan got up on a whirl of wheels, rolled over and mounted his horse, and said to Zhang Liao, "General, come with me!"会费收入|




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