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林依晨资料|68号抗磨液压油价格"Good!" Wei yan nodded, he is the general, these things, natural responsibility, just frown at pang tong way: "shi yuan, that zhuge liang really so severe?""Cao cao had not behave, with the period to assassinate master and Lord, less attempted trickery, shu although message meanness, but this has been a year ago, result how, you should be aware that the central plains the land of the four states, up to it, down to the magistrate, both himself and his family, is death to assassinate, xuzhou Chen, is a family of xuzhou first, after the first world war,, with all tu." Pang tong earned his arms, but he could not get rid of them. He did not struggle any more. He just looked at the generals in the account and calmly said, "after you kill me, you can let your family prepare for the funeral."Maybe people don't know, liu DHS general little profit, if in the guanzhong family, even with liu DHS general housework, but do a lot of money, a year can earn, as long as I have the guanzhong banner issued by the government, the silk road, is the most wicked thief to also want to stay at a respectful distance from sb, profits can at least double, and there is no need to secretly Pang tong smiled and quantified the profits.

"Sir, take a seat." Tacit understanding reached, the following atmosphere, naturally into a friendly atmosphere."Two generals, calm down!" Deng xian looked at the side of the anxious, hurriedly forward, trying to prevent the battle may break out at any time."Not like a man, general." One of the riders circled around the front of the camp for a moment, looking at pound road.林依晨资料|"The 100,000 troops are ours."

林依晨资料|Chapter 91 lv zheng entered shu"Consigliere, that zhuge liang is now storming jiangzhou, I wait to send reinforcements as soon as possible, in order to solve the river state of er. Deng xian frowned at pang tong and said: "if you can say zhang ren general, persuade some gateways garrison, then our troops can reach jiangzhou."

On this point, guan yu was right, hua tuo in the six months to develop a drug is very strange, after people eat at ordinary times won't have any reaction, but once the emotions to be mobilized, immediately enter the excited state, while in this state, fear, fear, afraid of these emotions will be reduced to a minimum, some similar to doping, but more violent, because often use this kind of things, is a severe damage to human body, with chronic poison have a spell, the han army, lyu3 bu4 is banned the use of these things, but the army is a different conference semifinals, lyu3 bu4 won't tell them what humanity, as long as needed, Even if the sacrifice of one hundred thousand hu people in exchange for a han life, lv bu feel value."Shi yuan has a lonely and proud disposition. He can't make him come with such measures." Zhuge liang shook his head and said with a bitter smile: "there is a person in the, want to calculate the yuan, difficult!""It's no use." Pang tong shook his head and looked at deng xian. "the land is changed. What do you think zhang ren would do?"林依晨资料|





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