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淘宝刷钻兼职是真的吗|黄山毛峰1875"The general can see, don't self-modesty!" Marotta put his hands on the railing of YuanMen, looking at the camp in the distance, eyes flashed a touch of worry: "but I don't know what conditions Korea hence agreed to the huns, unexpectedly let the huns so use life, the five days, the huns lost foot soldiers in this, there are six or seven thousand people, Korea hence the man, is quite a few wrist.""Well, WenHou don't worry about my white water qiang to its disadvantage?" Yang wang then wondered.In the next few days, Korea hence returned to ji county, while summoned by the scattered rout, while appeasing burn when the king, at the same time from wuwei transferred a qiang, ready to break the north first, then gather d.

"Seibel said good." Lyu3 bu4 looked at the crowd, sink a track: "Millions of people, concerning the future of our army, can not afford to lose, we avoid this war is inevitable, but will be destroyed, over will win the world!""The sooner the better, the better to go tomorrow!" Lyu3 bu4 flatly way.D face flashed a struggle of color, finally nodded and bowed down: "d understand."淘宝刷钻兼职是真的吗|"Khan, our messenger has been sent, believe it won't be long, the army will return, then, will let the han people have come back, confess for today's sin against me the huns!" A xiongnu general looked at restless call kitchen spring, exhorted.

淘宝刷钻兼职是真的吗|"Now the huns main south, invaded the central plains, the general want to cooperate with the king, will the hundreds of huns, always stay in the central plains!" Lyu3 bu4 said to the end, in the eyes kill all show, stay in the central plains, but will never let these people live in the central plains!"Sister, don't worry, we know." Big Joe and Joe nodded, even at the beginning quite a little wild Joe, a few months in lyu3 bu4 side stay down, also obeyed a lot."Peace?" Xun yu smell speech to hand forehead, wry smile way: "I'm afraid only in filial piety will have this idea, now Korea hence led the huns into the edge, and lyu3 bu4 in the pastoral slope area for days of hard battle, gathered nearly three hundred thousand troops."

"All right, head for the Chicken and Deer Stronghold. When the city breaks down, there will be no more chickens and dogs!" Lyu3 bu4 nodded, cold hum a track."No refund!" After all, Lyu3 bu4 gritted his teeth and said, "If you retreat, the vast area of land in the West Cool will turn into a bare land." West cool is not the central plains, not so much danger to keep, if not blocked, the huns can drive straight in, even more than the west cool, even just recovered a few points of vitality harmony state will be poisoned, the price, lyu3 bu4 can't afford to pay.With lyu3 bu4 under a voice, Chen xing, tube hai, xu sheng, pei yuanshao, is a captain, zhou cang, he yi, he man is brave, but no commander-in-chief, was lyu3 bu4 transferred to the side, incorporated under the male broad sea, to form a pro-guard, in addition, blanc, as far away as wu guan, become lyu3 bu4's fourth general, and wei, since then, lyu3 bu4 is in changan.淘宝刷钻兼职是真的吗|




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