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穿越之皇后不准跑|临潼蟒蛇"Kill!" A group of large array jun said soldiers morale, constantly someone jump into shield matrix squaring off, just suddenly, two thousand soldiers sword and shield was lost in the air of the jun, at the same time also seized two thousand xh face stronger shield, just before he had time to also launch counterattack, but see there seibel had arms held high, indifference of looking at it, xh rises abruptly a bad feeling in my heart.Again after the round of the arrows, bed, under the protection of the crossbow in shield car has finally arrived at the specified location, shield car continue to move forward, and the bed crossbow is start calibration, precision strike than broken crossbows, bed crossbow more kung fu is in turn the bowstring, above filled arrows, eight cows crossbow, the origin of the name of but need eight cows to pull bowstring, of course, in fact also is a kind of exaggerated description, but really takes great effort to open."The baby has a big voice." Huang zhong sneers at 1, in the hand sink sand knife 1 Yang, toward sun yi way: "come on, if you can lead my 3 he, calculate old husband lose!"

Tiger fastened shut to bloody breath can feel even across the far away, in the morning, the sunrise, a about fifty thousand troops from luoyang direction slowly, while the east is unlikely to be the enemy, but seibel also did some deployment, guarding city troops saw that the men got such a fright that hurriedly blowing the horns, are the camp the seibel hurriedly brought people come to rest.Above all is zhuge liang stigmates xiangyang interior old and noble family to fight over, although make 4 big old and noble family in the CAI kuai that remain only two house vitality is great injury, but CAI jia ignore, kuai jia originally liu bei is to be able to fight for come over, but this time, be equal to to push them however opposite.'tell me the truth! Zhang fei looked around, a hook fu DE's neck, pulled him to the corner, whispered threats: "kongming that boy is not to give you what task?"穿越之皇后不准跑|"One hundred and ten thousand? Five thousand?" Xia houyuan incredible to see xunyou, this is simply more strange than the legend.

穿越之皇后不准跑|Ma liang suddenly realized that zhuge liang was going to use fu DE, but after all, fu DE was not like other people, or the old minister who followed liu bei. Other people were clean at the root, not to say that fu DE was clean at the root.'father! In the crowd, a young man rushed out, a hand wang tired, exclaimed.Huang zhong's eyes flashed with admiration, but his sword was not slow.

"Come, tell munda to come to me!" After thinking for a moment, liu zhang's eyes a bright, has a candidate, immediately lang voice called people came meng da consultation."... "Chapter 74 fog cures the river"Tai! Bully too much, that little thief stay away!" Cao xiu, livid, took off his bow and tried to shoot the maniac down with an arrow.穿越之皇后不准跑|




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