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国资商城 甘健邑|皇家丽美内衣Failed!"It depends on master how to choose." Giffin opened his eyes, looked at lyu3 bu4, smiled."I haven't seen you for years, but I've grown up a lot without thinking about martial arts!" Guan yu narrowed his eyes, although only a round of confrontation, but a connoisseur, will know if there is, years have not met, don't want to be at best martial arts can only be considered first-class tardif, today was able to tie with himself.

"Here!" Xing Daorong before see tardif can fight guan yu hundreds of rounds, then know the jingzhou army, in addition to guan yu, zhang fei and huang zhong, I'm afraid no one can beat this person, is guan yu don't say, he also won't go up to ask for it.His eyes could not help but look at Zhuge Jin. He said with some expectation, "Did Tzu Yu ever say anything about Liu Bei when he went to Jingzhou?"国资商城 甘健邑|"Your majesty, lyu3 bu4 once king, the son of heaven prestige, han majesty will no longer exist!" Kong Rong knelt on his knees and said in an astringent voice, "Your Majesty, please order your troops to crusade against Lu Bu and restore the majesty of the Han Dynasty."

国资商城 甘健邑|Soon, Xing Daorong came back, also brought with him the military doctor help guan yu healing."This..." Liu Xiewen speech, can't help but smother, that is to say, the loss, he can only eat, not only did not exchange for any benefits, finally also fell a no, looked at cao cao that look like an idiot, Liu Xie only feel difficult to sit.In the army, There are also some martial arts or physical strength of the soldiers in the stimulation of blood confused mind, Roared rushed into the other side of the crowd dense place, the hand of the blade left split right cut, is majestic tight, but this kind of person is generally handsome but three seconds, followed by will be given a disorderly knife cut corpse, the real battle of the rest of the veterans is impossible to make such an irrational move.

The fierce battle with Wei Yan led the guanzhong elite from the flank, Zhang fei heart couldn't help but sink, because the two sides now glued together, wei yan didn't order the arrow, but began to cruise on one side, to zhang fei's forces form pressure, some sober veterans have begun to want to retreat, but more people are still fighting with the enemy.Less than half a month of time, on the mediocre, the two counties of the new city all accept, was then sent from changan military forces to take over, two people are in trim two days later, began to move to nanyang, ready to work with pound, together to break the nanyang.国资商城 甘健邑|





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