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l8n的河月蟹日|短拆短借"Good!" Liu bei nodded his head and hurriedly sent someone to inform guan yu and zhang fei. At the same time, he ordered people to step forward to stabilize the magnificent sea.The sky was overcast, there was a faint rumble of thunder on the horizon, and the air was filled with a sense of overtime! Cao cao was not surprised but happy: "quick, order the ministries, back camp!"The general heard the speech, at one time fell into silence, again such a rout, jingzhou army can bear? And this time because of the army grain, can again gather jingzhou army here, but next time? Carrying the baggine want to escape the cavalry to kill is tantamount to a fool's tale, kuai yue, at the moment is also helpless.

Cold arrow in the air again and again crisscross, a splashes of blood flower, with a sad and heroic, silent narrative of the tragic war."The Lord is at ease, arrangements have been made.""Be." Yuan shang hesitated for a moment and looked over to liu shi. "my mother, zhang he is the pillar of hebei province.l8n的河月蟹日|"Quick, inform the ferries to assemble this way! Light up!" Even if there is no water war, guo yuan can see that the ship is formidable, to a large extent has reduced the adverse factors of water war to the maximum.

l8n的河月蟹日|"Now the equal-field system has just begun to promote, shi yuan has seen this law, and wen he presided over the matter. Lv bu groped for the handrail, frowning way: "recently this period of time, wen far there several times urgent, did not have the jizhou of yuan's home, cao cao received downwind smooth water, I wait for every city will contend!"If there is a person with clear vision to observe and think seriously, it is not difficult to find that, with the rise of lv bu in kanto and continuous growth, some inherent unbreakable concept of hierarchy in a little loose, but to really achieve these things, at least at present is not the time.At the moment, fontes is thoroughly understand the meaning of this slogan represents not only the lead camp, seibel general elite soldiers even as lead camp, but it shares the risk one's life will be carry out, once the war, even holding the advantage of the wall, but in the face of such an army, for two consecutive days down, not only the strength loss is overweight, and more importantly, morale!

"Swish ~"This is not impossible, and the merger and recall of the Montenegro army, nearly two million people, lu bu really can not afford to give up, that is almost lu bu now under the rule of a third of the total population, the population was not as good as yuan shao and cao cao, suddenly cut off a third of their own population, that also don't play."Your wife is in good health, and this wound is a flesh wound. After these days of self-cultivation, it is no longer in the way. Said in the end, the doctor looked at zhaoyun was also became more eccentric, JingXiang, popular style, exquisite and graceful and restrained elegant woman, although the wife is indeed beautiful, but with gentle graceful and restrained touch not above, how to want to think about, too, which cultured gracefuls and restrained woman, time will hand carry a least ErSanShiJin gun to play, look at zhaoyun attention, also brought some sympathy.l8n的河月蟹日|




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