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北京住房公积金管理中心网站北京外墙粉刷公司With the trembling hum of the bowstring, a sharp arrow has broken through the air, shooting meteor-like into the step of the root of the hindquarters."I am the king's court general temuzhen, you and other leaders treacherous, unauthorized attack king's court, with despicable tricks to kill step root, now king's court army to kill, you also stubbornly resist!" Lyu3 bu4 a live will go to jin stop vomiting head twisted off, tiger eye shot: "your head is dead, don't surrender!"Hiss ~

If xianbei high-level is so, that's good."Roar ~" Drop the hands have no voice of the body, backhand a short sword pulled out of the waist, let the blood flow lasers, step root backhand pulled out machetes, yelling: "children, kill me!"Today's lyu3 bu4, has not come to the state of cao cao, but he was used to the sword in previous lives, because in such a competitive age, don't take the strange road, want to be 30 years old, with grass-roots origin, is almost impossible.北京住房公积金管理中心网站In all, From the beginning of this year, the invasion of hetao, half a year has passed, lyu3 bu4 didn't seem to have stopped, now return to hetao, catch up with the end of the guandu war, calculate up, for lyu3 bu4, this is good news, he still has a chance in the war, but also means, this year I'm afraid I have to spend in the barracks.

北京住房公积金管理中心网站"Master, these to officials at all levels of the salary is not too much?" Linrong government office, after negotiating the military, the new title of generals in ancient times under the door of the general book with jiang xu, with an official document to lyu3 bu4 said."Yes!" Kui head suddenly some regret, if let temuzhen directly at the beginning, step degree root also need not die, but these emotions, also not suitable for now expression, immediately emphatically way: "five thousand military forces, can not be less, I will be in the king's court, waiting for the good news of temuzhen brothers.""It's kind of weird." Shaking his head, Murong GUI was moved: "But it is not impossible, if so, a lot of things will be easy to explain."

"Monseigneur, which side shall we save first?""At the end of this will go." Zhou Cang nodded and promised, quickly ran to command."Yes, it is because you know in xianbei king's court is not reused, they dare to insurrection." The way a woman is proud.北京住房公积金管理中心网站




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