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医龙2国语冰雪儿.冰肌白Keats could not help but hear the words, lu bu has a unique charm, the more toss his soldiers, but to him more loyal, can only reluctantly retreat."Woman! ?" Yuan shang looked at the warrior in disbelief and was about to get a scolding from zhang he.

"What's going to happen? Yuan shang frowned."Who is this? Lv bu looked at the woman and asked.Vision to look ahead, clutter is gradually replaced by the pounding of footsteps, the earth trembled, gleaming clop gradually become muffled thunder roar, as if a huge concentration of drumstick continuously taps on the earth, the suddenly shot, is running a jun soldiers without warning fly body, the size of a bowl of blood hole in his chest, is can't distinguish the blood or organs of things all over the floor, a knight sudden rushes out from the crowd.医龙2国语< / p > < p > another yuan jun cleverly bent down and cut off the horse leg, the knight on the horse to pull off, did not have time to kill, then the slave soldiers directly ride the horse to let the horse stand up, bowl mouth big iron hooves directly step on the back of the yuan jun, a burst of teeth acid bone crack sound, clever yuan bing never again can stand up.

医龙2国语...Liu bei did not know what was going on in the other places bordering lubu, but he thought it would be no better than here."Roar ~"

"Fa yan has been ill in bed for a few days. I hope his son fa will forward this letter to me and resign on his behalf. Chen gong bowed."No." Liu bei nodded slightly, with a face livid zhang fei and guan yu seated."Zhong kang, don't be impulsive!" Cao cao saw a big shock, a broad sea, two of his camp's most brave generals failed to take, now xu chu unexpectedly alone to fight lv bu, that also got? Hurriedly make a noise to stop, just at the moment of xu chu, where to hear into the people, tiger eyes only lv bu's shadow.医龙2国语





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