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孟天娇|妃龄七白膏代理"Temporarily do not return, rare come out, also should let you experience experience extremely lofty!" Sun jing helplessly saw this nephew one eye, shake head way."Let us suppose that if you were zhuge liang and had known my plan well in advance, what would you do to lead me to the bait?" Zhou yu took a deep breath. Lv meng's sudden thoughts confused him."It's not hard, just do something about it." Lu bu nodded and looked around at pound.

"Only this... "Zhang song looked at the hands of the information, some teeth."He dares! Zhang fei stared."Cloud long, don't be angry!" Cao cao quickly stood up to appease the way.孟天娇|"I have no choice." Zhou yu looked at zhuge liang and shook his head. "

孟天娇|"Well." Zhang fei nodded, beginning life people buried the bodies, jingzhou army began to tidy up the tragedy, zhou yu's surprise, this time really will zhuge liang surprised out in a cold sweat, if he again slow to react, or zhou yu's take some more troops, that even if zhou yu finally doomed, but jingzhou, also finished, liu bei's army will be dispersed, jingzhou hundreds of army will thus scattered, jiangdong opportunity to attack, even zhuge liang, also save."Zhou yu? Zhang fei recognized zhou yu at a glance, his eyes flashed a ray of excitement: "my boys, let me kill!"Seeing that the soldier in the last wooden armor wanted to block in the middle of the gate to prevent the gate from closing, the magnificent sea had already pulled the edge of the wooden armor and sneered, "come in and give it to me!"

Jingzhou, xiangyang."Back to the Lord! Meng da looked at liu zhang with a bitter smile and said, "I heard that the family has recently reduced the annual tax burden a lot. It is high incidence of them. People have no real benefits, but may restore the previous tax."Yes." Lu xun nodded.孟天娇|




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