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肉体联欢|nokla e81Turning his head, he looked at Langan, reached out and removed the scarf from her face, looked at the still beautiful, but already haggard face, and shook his head. "Sure enough, once a man or woman is trapped in love, any ambition for supremacy will become an empty talk. I still prefer the ambitious you, and then conquer it, and you will be happy.""Master." Handsome account in a dark, xu chu strapping into the body.This is not at the beginning of lyu3 bu4 in the west cool pastoral slope of the camp, cao cao is clearly ready for this battle, from a few years ago has consciously strengthened guandu defense, whether defense or all kinds of guarding city equipment are available.

"Kirby can, it's so late. What's the matter with you all?" Soon, the leaders of the other four tribes gathered in the handsome account of Kirby Neng, Kirby Neng now since the shooting step to root, prestige, hidden, has become the first of the five tribes, naturally also caused some people's resistance, Murong Gui dissatisfied with looking at Kirby Neng Tao."He who descends does not kill! He who descends does not kill!""Yes." The knight, startled, hurriedly said: "The Kifu tribe has been breached, when the subordinates feel, leaving only a ruin and corpse, subordinates are from the description of nearby herdsmen, guess that the attack on the Kifu tribe, should be Timuzhen and the 500 warriors he took away, the head of the Kifu tribe patriarch was also hung on the flagpole."肉体联欢|Chapter 36 stirring up strife

肉体联欢|Looking to the west of Wang Ting, is it time to begin?"Khan, general, please, save our tribe!" To report to the huns for help soldiers knelt on the ground, squeaky pleaded."Temujin, why was he there? Didn't he leave the court?" Some hoarse voice sounded from Kirby can mouth, cold eyes looked at the general in front of him, and did not blame Kirby, to jin stop the two dead people's responsibility, because the crux of the matter, is why lyu3 bu4 suddenly appeared in the coalition camp.

"Since the defeat of the white horse, then lost the news, should have left lombardi." Freeze shook his head.Looking to the west of Wang Ting, is it time to begin?肉体联欢|





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