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小小忍者如何刷金|珊子At some moment, tiger wei head suddenly felt a pain in the middle of his eyebrows, warning, a short sword silently appeared in his line of sight, without any sound, toward his throat.At this time liu zhang in meng da accompanied by out, is to see this scene, eyes from some acid, choked: "general zhang, you this is why?"

"Don't worry, general. I'll take it with me." After two people again to meng da fist, then put on the soldiers' armor, in meng da led, left the house, soon disappeared in the end of the street."Yes, this old man is very old, but most of the generals in the army are his juniors. They are favored by him and have a wide prestige. They are not under general zhang. Deng xian affirmative answer way.And Zhou Yuzhi die, zhuge liang or hate the most hostile to jingzhou, I'm afraid is the lv meng, although by lv meng said to take over wood SangDaYing for jiangdong is indeed a very good choice, because the lv meng regardless of seniority or ability also is really the best choice, also can remove Zhou Yuzhi death brings hidden trouble, but not without alternative, such as lu su, sun quan sent lv meng at this time at the helm of wood SangDaYing, is representing the, sun quan to apologise to jingzhou?小小忍者如何刷金|"Commander, mission complete. Retreat?" "Asked a nighthawk guard, bending forward.

小小忍者如何刷金|Separate slightly relieved in the heart, a similar conversation has also seen, although not much, but every time is so suddenly, even separate experienced the most rigorous training, since in jingzhou, separate even dare not sleep dreaming, lest they say what not to say in a dream, that kind of like walking a tightrope feeling not well, make separate once thought she was crazy.Jianan thirteen September third, jingzhou heavy rain.Jingzhou needed more time to plan for the middle of shu. At this time, even if liu bei was really interested in the king's appointment, he could not ruin the relationship between him and cao cao.

Just as they were preparing to leave, a small school rushed in from outside the conference hall and knelt on the ground in a mournful way: "Lord, general ling bao has just sent a message that wei yan has led an 80,000 troops from langzhong out of mianzhu pass and has joined forces with pang tong. Now the siege has begun!"When he returned home, his complexion was livid, and his complexion was gloomy and terrible. No one in the palace dared to see his master's face"Send word that I myself will go to chaisang and preside over the funeral of jin." After taking a deep breath, sun quan stood up with a sad expression on his face. However, he had to express his admiration for zhou yu and his sorrow for zhou yu's death.小小忍者如何刷金|




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