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泡菜奶酪微笑121|圣诞树批发Early march, cao cao to invite all the governors Yu Songshan cemented, in fact, although is five governors cemented, but in fact, positive battlefield, only the army is the main body of cao cao and liu bei, jiangdong with lyu3 bu4 across the central plains, although heard that has started preparations for the army, but in a short period of time, apparently still unable to come, as for milan in the shu, mainly deals with lyu3 bu4 in hanzhong city strength, as for the state and the family, that is pure flag-waving."Unlucky! < / p > < p > the vast sea will stop in the gate of the wooden beast to drag in, the gate will be closed again, the distance, liu bei began to sing gold, row after row of wooden beast protection soldiers began to retreat, the vast sea although want to go up to rush to kill, but there is a military command in the body he must not break, can only take people on the wall to restore."Very good, if you want to live, then do as I said, this commander will never make it difficult for you, and even after the matter is finished, to give you a promotion jin jin! Zhou yu indifferent way.

Liu bei, cao cao and sun quan mainly attacked luoyang, while liu zhang stationed his troops in baishui and jiameng to prepare for the invasion of hanzhong. As for the battle of the central plain, who won and who lost was not the concern of liu zhang and his family in shuzhong."Then why work for him? With his skill, no matter where he goes, he will not wait for him." Zhou an voice, repressed an unspeakable anger."Honking! Seibel glanced at by jun bodies, there are two thousand of his sword and shield, let out a sigh in the heart, look at the direction of the jun, the men of the manipulation of the broken crossbows power are used up and down again and casualties will aggravate, dynamic jun has lost momentum, the power of this new weapons tried again, already did not need to continue here with jun screwing.泡菜奶酪微笑121|Cut is Wu Yizhi wu, a typical two sai-jo one, by the wu today in shu force while don't provoke family, but it is famously lawless, strong rob commoner through this kind of matter, on him, on the other hand, is a small, in theory, even if pieces too much, but it is still at large, more than that, the liu's many children or families are not under the rule of law include, how it makes people convinced?

泡菜奶酪微笑121|"Shoot arrows! Almost instantaneously, the warriors who emerged from beneath their wooden armor were engulfed by a thousand arrows.In order to deal with lu bu's powerful crossbow, these allied troops took great pains.Although the number of people, but on behalf of the central plains, jiangdong, jingxiang, shu, almost two-thirds of the world, the ceremony of worship ceremony cao cao this time prepared but quite sufficient, with cao cao at his command, prepared officers and men on the incense table, will be on the three animals and six livestock, after the ceremony to heaven and earth, blood oath.

"Is he guan yu?" Pound lift Trinidad mirror, is to see the flag, a red face a green nylon cap, and a war shoulder green shirt, wears the chain mail, awe-inspiring in the surface such as the weight of jujube military commanders ShuaiQi, eyes a bright, immediately laughs at a way: "don't want that guan yu was so timid, and since he didn't dare to move forward, the men, forward!""The Lord is at ease." Zhuge liang slightly nodded.Is it the job of a general to transport provisions? Especially in the front of the war is not conducive to the situation, zhang fei wanted to fly in the past to help his eldest brother, but zhuge liang is still that hated, let zhang fei sometimes very anxious to use zhang eight snake spear on his body poke more than twenty holes.泡菜奶酪微笑121|




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