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少年阿凡提动画片全集|北京塑料袋ZhongJun big tent, review with iron-faced looked at by two guards press on the ground of xu ping, harsh voice way: "military supplies related to master hundreds of thousands of army lives, more related to master this battle success or failure, xu ping, how dare you! You bully the market, I don't see with you, but it is a crime, is to wipe out your family, xu zi far also have nothing to say!""Zhang he is more than defensive, but not aggressive enough, Master can leave a member of the general led a cavalry stationed here, and zhang he confrontation, if zhang he don't move, don't mind him, if he led the army out of the city, then set heavy troops and wipe out, the thirty thousand troops, trapped in mayi city, master rate the main force to subdue all sides of the city, with zhang liao, seibel to wipe out high dry, after the master annexation bing, mayi naturally!"Want to go? Leave your head behind!" Coss sneer at 1, crazy drink 1, with people chasing.

Han sui know machine way: "I would like to follow khan, a total of broken king's court.""At the end of this will be done." He man promised, but was called lyu3 bu4."Take these women and sheep and cattle, and go home!" Begging FuGe Yang haughty dry cloud loudly way, this battle, although damaged some soldiers, but the goods are quite abundant, didn't expect the huns, such a short time, plundered so much wealth, now, all cheap them.少年阿凡提动画片全集|"I don't think I need to say much about the tribe. Everybody has seen it." Take a deep breath, lyu3 bu4 in the huns loudly said: "yesterday, the begging fu tribe has been uprooted by us, but our tribe, also finished."

少年阿凡提动画片全集|"Get out of here!" Hsiung broad sea with He Yi's body in one hand, with a bronze stick in the other hand, saw lyu3 bu4 stop marching, hurriedly called a title of generals in ancient times camp soldiers retreat, a title of generals in ancient times camp soldiers will be dragged on the body of the robes, have out of the city.Kirby can..."Adult Ming Jian, I and Cui E, this is childhood sweetheart, two love each other, who knows that zhang gu zhang..."

"Yes!" Step root promised, will leave.As a woman with ambition to become Queen of Xianbei, Now that you've colluded with the five tribes, Of the five tribes, there was no one very close to a confidant, Lyu3 bu4 is impossible to believe, Lenovo before this woman intentionally or unintentionally, Diluted some of Kirby's information, Nine times out of ten, this woman and Kirby can be related, so it is logical, otherwise, has planned to do, just find yourself as a confidant, it is too much fun, even if the head into the water, but this matter, LangZhan this woman I'm afraid has been planning for a long time, to come up with such a strategy, this kind of IQ, how can set off such a big thing.Choose a cavalry with the largest number of people, lyu3 bu4 with the remnant of three hundred moon people from riding, far behind, also not in a hurry to kill the enemy, just put arrows from time to time, or rushed directly up to the other party just gathered formation scattered.少年阿凡提动画片全集|




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