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隐窝窝娱乐网|秦根力参胶囊< / p > < p > chang 'an academy of sima defense, fang Ming a large group of former in Hanoi family master, backbone, at the moment so embarrassed kneeling in front of lu bu, sima defense described a sad, not only was broken limbs, chest also collapsed down some, lu bu arrived, has been more air intake less, it was about to die."You?" Lv lingqi looked up and down the ugly young man several eyes, a face of distrust: "ok?""Hey hey, if liu biao knew that he was mugging a wanted woman thief these days, he would beat up a man at his door and then go away. I don't know if he would be angry to death." Ugly youth looking at lu lingqi, interested in the way.

"Well? Any news?" Han sui waved his hand so that he wouldn't have to salute, then looked at liang xing anxiously and asked.Jia xu greeted zhang already 1, two people chose two fast horses from the mansion, ran toward chang 'an outside the city."Be." Samba to hastily, falconry with breeding pigeons which are different, though, after all, are birds, but besides will fly the common characteristic, it's hard to find in common, but samba also know that their future days to the present value are equivalent, now also dare not neglect, therefore, decided to have time, later must study research how to raise pigeons.隐窝窝娱乐网|As for the ability problem, lu bu is not too worried, he can train, continue to train, more than ten years time, enough to train an excellent successor.

隐窝窝娱乐网|With the withdrawal of liu bao, more and more huns choose to break through.Li ru was not impressed. He continued, "general zhang liao did not know about the arrangement of han sui when he first came here."Who can drink tea soup in this weather?" The waiter shook his head: "chang 'an is the ancient capital, but before general lu came, it was deserted, not to mention the restaurant, even a figure you may not be able to see.

This speech a, they look at each other in speechless despair, for a moment also do not know how to answer, qiang king's position is naturally everyone want to sit, present of people, most also have this opportunity, but now is a very special period, who became qiang king, have to deal with the current situation."Well ~" li ru heard the words and his eyes brightened. After thinking for a moment, he looked at li kan and said, "general, please go to have a rest. We will discuss other matters tomorrow."Although five hundred officers and soldiers do not understand what happened, but this period of time to receive training, the first is the military order, absolute obedience, immediately dressed up, each put on the latest armor, with a carpenter camp inside the tailored weapons, under the leadership of the vast sea, the spirit of steaming to the direction of lu bu ran away.隐窝窝娱乐网|





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