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阿默热门网|镀锌锅Li Bao smell speech, this just breathed a sigh of relief, it seems that he is through this time, this expression, fell in zhong yao eyes, nature is another layer of meaning, the present bow way: "adults can believe that will be enough at the end.""Yuan bi, redundant words, some don't want to say more, now dong zhuo's era is over, li guo has died, a now led the levy west general, holding festival guanzhong, west cool, but under the soldiers will be few, since you and I meet here today, is destined to fate, official, help me." Lyu3 bu4 residence, looking at cioffi, lyu3 bu4 sink a track.

For a long time, marotta looked up and looked at lyu3 bu4 with complicated eyes, but refused to concede: "wen hou these years to travel to the central plains, but honed a pair of good eloquence."North palace from suddenly looked up, suddenly looked at lyu3 bu4, suddenly roared up to the sky.Yuanmen outside, zhang embroidery took pound to the screaming moon helmet, a beast armor, from a distance, almost the same as d himself.阿默热门网|"Oh?" Seibel's eyes narrowed slightly, looking at Chen Xing, and looked at others, light way: "I don't know what general Chen have?"

阿默热门网|"General Zhou Cang, this time, you have established a great merit." Wei yan some depressed glance at zhong yao, originally should be his captive, who knows met seibel halfway along the way, but finally was originally nothing to do with the matter of zhou cang zhong yao to tackled, at the moment also can only force a smile way: "This person is zhong yao.""Arrows!" Henderson snorted, Surrounded by the han army quickly will be in the hands of the arrow cluster toward the huns poured down, These unarmed huns where to resist, or in the dense arrow rain, pushed, fell into the dug pit, or directly by the relentless arrow rain devoured life, even if occasionally someone can break through the han people's arrow rain, was already waiting outside the moon people without hesitation to kill."Elder brother, it's not good to kill and drop! And shouldn't I be chasing down the old thief of Han Sui at this moment?" Ma dai sit horse seems to can't stand d body sent out of the murderous atmosphere, can't help back two steps, ma dai bitter way.

"Then bring him in." Lyu3 bu4, of course, in this chaotic situation, will xinfeng governance well-organized, good ability, at the same time in xinfeng popularity will not be bad, before not sure whether this person is perfunctory or genuinely dependent, lyu3 bu4 will not be able to keep him in xinfeng."Hande, let some grass men put on the huns armor in the camp, tonight we start." Lyu3 bu4 looked at the direction of the millet, voice gradually become cold: "camp of the huns... don't leave alive!""Yes, why are the Han people here?"阿默热门网|




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