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铁手无语鲸鲨脑素"Wow ~"This was the first time for lu bu to look at his real wife. As a princess and a great man, she had been handed down the royal lineage from generation to generation.If lu bu is a male, you have the heart of the dominated by lyu3 bu4 situation nowadays, actually these children in the family is not mind family under official lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4, after all, who beat han sui, and big break after the huns, other places, but have a lot of invisible resources in the north, as long as there is a day to play in the past, lyu3 bu4 say south, the north to the people of lyu3 bu4 won't have too much of a rejection, can say infamous lyu3 bu4 before and after the war, has been successful for their washed white, become the lombardi, cao cao then a is expected to equal the potential of the world.

Up to now, han sui's men will die of the fall of the fall, now the only remaining, only one liang xing, fall, it is only a matter of time.Thinking of the bleak prospect, han sui sat in the hall of the government office and sighed, feeling the coolness of the night breeze. Han sui stood up suddenly with a cool look in his eyes.Lv bu is not how afraid, wine to the cup dry, attracted a group of onlookers do not suspect big waves of cheers, sincere or fake, such a day, lv bu is not angry, in the lively atmosphere set off, a group of people have been drinking until midnight, lv bu just in the support of the magnificent sea, toward the bridal chamber.Knocked at ~铁手无语"The Lord is at ease." Jia xu nodded, chang 'an chaos, so far is over, the next is to appease the people some trivial things, jia xu and Chen gong in, these problems are not difficult.

铁手无语"Intuition." Guo jia hey hey a smile, casually way.Lyu3 bu4 face heavy cold look at the dark tu the army with collapse as if to the power of heaven and earth as the flood surge, a wave of his hand, the column into three rows of a title of generals in ancient times the camp held up the rhubarb crossbow, the former two rows of squat down or crouch, cold JianCu aimed at getting closer and closer to tu the workforce.Gold iron cross of the ground, three successive like muffled thunder chirp, the two horse and fault, xuan spend big axe with a arms to fly up high, Korea fierce after rushed out of the distance of more than ten zhangs, sit down horse suddenly moans, order the hooves, the splash of a, bring up a splash, Korea fierce burly body under the action of inertial planted down from the horse, kneeling on the ground, looking at the ground beside xuan flower familiar axe and that a piece of arm, Korea's fierce look dull.

While speaking, a row of strong men appeared in the field. No one was holding a huge crossbow. When han DE saw this crossbow, his face changed involuntarily and he said, "rhubarb crossbow! ?""Why help me? Lv lingqi did not lose vigilance, looking at the ugly youth frowning way.A few people look at one another, han people should not know Lao wang has died, aguri impatiently waved his hand and said: "see, who knows these han people have what heart?"铁手无语




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