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胡彦斌微博|明发滨江新城电话"Seibel?" Zhong yao frowned. "This man is a bit tricky, not only to fight, but also quite strategically, after the prime minister back to the capital, quite praised, lyu3 bu4 as coach, is quite knowledgeable.""Father," said the old thief, "the old thief is indeed uneasy and kind!" Cried Matthew, gnashing his teeth."This I'm afraid..." Chen qun heart cold hum 1, also dare to think, four general in the big fellow general system, but only in general, general who and vehicles, a title of generals in ancient times, not to mention also hold festival two states, equal to the guanzhong, west cool personnel appointments to lyu3 bu4 hands.

"Master, if you leave, who can supervise the army?" Marotta worried."Seibel? Zhang liao?" Korea hence looked at the letterhead in the hand, sneer at 1: "lyu3 bu4 can be said to be transferred under the military forces can be mobilized, he played is good calculation, unfortunately, this liangzhou, after all, is mine!""What are you doing here? Horse play?" Korea hence stood up, a picked up Li Kan collar, angrily said.胡彦斌微博|"Brother Yang, take it easy." Giffin smiled and waved. "Brother Yang doesn't have to be paranoid," he said. "My master came here to show his sincerity. He only brought a team of Qinwei, less than a hundred people."

胡彦斌微博|"With all due respect, patriarch." Looking in the direction of Xiongkuohai's departure, a handsome man sighed and stood up. "You and General Zheng Xi are a family, but we are not. How can we guarantee that our people will not be bullied?""Wei Yan."After the two families will leave, zhong yao spread out the map, and engaged in the discussion: "our army this time there is no commander-in-chief general, general cao peng is brave crown three services, but not flexible, not handsome, this conquest lyu3 bu4, also need to rely on the west cool troops, I don't know marten, Korea hence two military forces now to where?"

At first, larocca can also have offensive and defensive with d, but later, but can only struggle to block, armor I don't know when the body has more than a few bloody cracks, horse was d sit down sweat blood BMW bite flesh and blood fuzzy."Shut up." Lyu3 bu4 stared at Addis. "I'll call you sir later.""Go ahead." Lyu3 bu4 indifferent nodded, no expression on his face.胡彦斌微博|




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