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知行合一伊能全烟花鞭炮运输车Xuchang, cao fu.From the right to jincheng, said not far away, but there are more than one hundred miles, cavalry ran at full speed, also want an hour, d didn't do more explanation, with five thousand military forces, toward the direction of jincheng.Xu Rong sighed lightly and bowed down and worshiped, "I wish to be driven!"

"I don 't think you' re goe to come down on me now." Lyu3 bu4 looked at d laughed.Chapter 16 Gambling"Impudent!" The sable cicada smell speech, can't help but look annoyed to Hua Tuo, the ancients pay attention to, body hair skin, by the parents, destroyed the unfilial, Hua Tuo move, to big, is to lyu3 bu4 in the unfilial place.知行合一伊能全"This..." The moon people Wang Wen speech can not help but smother, looked at lyu3 bu4's eyes, dare not directly refuse, can only wry smile way: "I moon people, now can fight but eight thousand, I'm afraid..."

知行合一伊能全"Lyu3 bu4." The country said emphatically, "Han Sui-kong has 200,000 people, but no one in the army can compete with Lyu3 bu4, this defeat also;" Korea hence although there are two hundred thousand, But the heart is different, burn block qiang people is not its subordinate, looks like a big potential, but there are quite a lot of hidden dangers, the two defeats, also, its three, two hundred thousand, but trapped in a county, hay will not help, difficult to hold for a long time, lyu3 bu4, do the hay of nanyang, hanoi, now again have jincheng, west gansu trench, and forces less, consumption is also small, this is the third; Fourth, Korea hence good at killing marten, not melt in the law of the court, lyu3 bu4 for adverse, comply with the will of heaven, with the four defeats, Korea hence absolutely difficult to win! ""Uncle, who is he?"Table put on the horse milk wine is still steaming, some smelly taste, let lyu3 bu4 just after a sip, didn't move again, the king's tent, only lyu3 bu4 and moon people king two people inside, listen to lyu3 bu4 conditions and painted cakes, moon people king didn't immediately agree to lyu3 bu4 conditions.

Looked at again was driven down the wall of the west cool army, Korea hence helplessly issued a sounding order, fu ping in seibel guard, can be said to be watertight, let Korea then want to do everything possible to countermeasure, the other side is like a rock, difficult to break."Not much?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at cioffi, shook his head and smiled, did not speak, in cioffi's doubtful eyes, stride to the edge of the platform, knife-like eyes skimmed over eight thousand surrender, many surrender have lowered their heads, to avoid lyu3 bu4's line of sight.D can become five tiger general in the future, can be more than rude so simple, led the troops to war also have a set, west cool army under his command, morale was a little bit encouraged, and the offensive also see crazy fierce.知行合一伊能全





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