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马蓉以牙还牙无情没错|理美一梳黑Looking at coss has retreated into the gate, wei yan suddenly laughed and said: "if cao cao's are such incompetent rats like you, or surrender to my master early, lest later be killed on the battlefield, for ancestors shame!""Jun righteousness don't want to see that lyu3 bu4 how fierce, he can vertical and horizontal grassland, northwest, that is because of the terrain, lyu3 bu4 ride unparalleled, siege is not necessarily how strong, otherwise also won't be cao cao out of the central plains, we just need to keep the city, that lyu3 bu4 is a great ability, also don't want to cross the thunder pond." Falling in grant is calm many, the more adverse the situation, as counselors, must ensure their own calm mind, since lyu3 bu4 has arrived, fear also appears superfluous, surrender is naturally impossible, the rest, also only world war I.Chapter V Little People

The sable cicada, his son is full year old, and Liu Yun, Yang Xi, two Joe, wenji, this moment, lyu3 bu4 suddenly want to return to them."That's all!" Zhang he nodded, although some passive, but now, it is difficult to think of too many ways to defeat the enemy."Clearly prepared, Steptoe. This time, it's over." On the cliff, lyu3 bu4 continued to idle, listening to a sudden report, shook his head, sneer at 1: "that kui head, would rather let his brother to die, rather than to use in me, or, he did not see the danger, it is good, but saved me a lot of effort."马蓉以牙还牙无情没错|The escaped beggar goyang also had no time to celebrate escaping a calamity, in the crowd, do not know which bastard suddenly shouted: "beggar fu adult was killed in battle!"

马蓉以牙还牙无情没错|"What is the general's order?" Zhang Gu ghost, smell speech shivered, hurriedly pile up a smiling face.Wei Yan first step to tiger fastened shut, Responsible for tiger fastened shut dozens of old pawn saw Wei Yanjun powerful, Dare not resist at all, Then opened the gate, the dozens of old pawn nominally belongs to the court, if coss can get to a step earlier, will be a different situation, unfortunately, there is no if in the world, coss into the tiger fastened shut nature don't need to intimidate, the other side of the old pawn directly opened the gate, and wei yan at the moment has not had time to occupy the whole checkpoint.

Giffin on this, not evaluation, yan liang wenchou is a long time ago to follow lombardi general, countless battles, if there is no skill, giffin is unbelievable."Can't reconcile, he has killed our messengers, how to reconcile, this time, he is prepared, if we have half a point show weakness, that time, not only TaBaJi powder, including Murong, Ke Xin and Ke Bineng, will jump out!" Step roots anxiously shook his head.The beggars, who had become frightened, did not notice that there were only hundreds of pursuers behind them, Panic was lyu3 bu4 like sheep, chased all the way from midnight to dawn, nearly a hundred miles away, leaving the remains of the mountains and fields, until the early morning sun completely rose, fought a night of the moon people from riding has been exhausted, lyu3 bu4 gave up to continue to kill, with the moon people from riding toward xianbei king's court direction.马蓉以牙还牙无情没错|




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