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龙之翼返利网捕鱼机遥控器"Lord, jia has a plan. It may not be useful in this war, but in the long run, it is necessary." Guo jia laughed."Military order mountain, also hope big childe mo to let the end will be difficult to do." General eyes flash a kill machine, sen ran way.Although the age is not the word, but don't get in the way of lyu3 bu4 tall image collapse at this moment in all women, for the master, the curse of the inside of the heart, grinding his teeth, it is a pity, lyu3 bu4 induction nervous bulky now numerous times, in the curse of the body, don not feel, continue to use all I can think of ways to squeeze the last strength of these women.

"Cut the messenger to pieces. Don't let him lose his mind." CAI MAO stuffy hum 1 arrive, this matter if spread, can be the fame that made liu bei...."I know, and the zhaoyun, right?" Lv bu sneers at 1: "oneself dare not come to see me, drag you however front station, when did this little girl learn to calculate?"龙之翼返利网CAI MAO this want to launch, at this time smell words, but hands a hug, quietly watching the development of the situation.

龙之翼返利网Liu bei was not in a hurry either. To tell the truth, he had been waiting for three years. Sitting on the chair, while enjoying the surrounding snow scene, while to guan yu said with a smile: "cloud long, recently can there be changan information?"Chapter 67 intrigueJingjin sound, yuan jun began to retreat in relief, on the wall, jia xu looked at the other side of the formation, turned his head toward the side of the ma dai way: "but also tired general once, ready to go out of the city to pursue the enemy!"

Pang tong turned pale and said, "it's impossible. What can jia wen and the old man do to plot against me?""Kill!" High camp around the front left the crowd rushed right, countless yuan jun by the crowds filling packed fell into the water, behind the soldiers under the cover of lead camp continuously on the ferry, deep red blood to ferry lost its original color, in this moment of life is like a fragile like dirt, every moment someone die, man overboard, too.Lu kuang's first reaction was that lu bu had come to kill him, but then he thought and felt that the troops, he is a single horse, and lu bu is a large army march, how can be more than their first step to arrive.龙之翼返利网




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